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Are you looking at starting to wean your child??

When it comes to weaning you will get various signs that your child is ready to start this process. You shouldn't feel alone or worried that your baby starting to eat solids puts them at risk of chocking and here at Berkshire nannies we aim to support your journey giving you all the advice/guidance you need.

Introducing your baby to their first foods is an important time and you should start giving them their first solid foods around six months old. Some of the best foods to start your baby on are fruits and vegetables.. When starting your child on solids you should get ready to see some happy and funny faces!  

What you'll learn on:

-When to move onto solids.

-Different approaches - the baby led way or traditional way.

-All about feeding.

-Meal plans

With all of this you will also get ongoing support, were here to make this transition as smooth and as easy as possible.If you do have any further questions then please get in touch with us at

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