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Looking for work??

Are you looking for permanent or fixed term nursery work??

Here at Berkshire Nannies we understand how important it is for you to make the right choice about your future. Whichever the nursery position you are applying for, the setting has to feel right, the location has to be accessible, the role and salary has to fit your knowledge, experience and potential, and most importantly, you have to be happy.

Whichever early years childcare role you are looking for, get in touch for an informal chat. We recruit all levels from nursery assistants right up to managers.

We are mindful and respectful of your time and will try to schedule interviews at times that are convenient for you. We are also aware of how important it is to find a nursery location that is accessible to you and one the best meets your career goals.

Here at Berkshire Nannies we can help with making a successful application by-

-helping with your CV.

-Practicing interview techniques to ensure you are prepared and confident.

-Learn as much as you can about the nursery and position beforehand.

- show how passionate and committed you are to looking after children.

Please be assured that everything you share with us is strictly confidential, your CV will only be sent to a potential employer only after we get the nod from you and references will only be requested on your permission.


Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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