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Wedding and Event Nannies

When planning a wedding or event most of the time your family, friends or colleagues will have to consider their children. These can be long and tiring days for the best of us before taking children into account so we are here keep their routine in place and so that you can still attend the wedding and event and not have to worry about nap, meal times and keeping the children entertained.

Wedding Nanny

No body likes to miss out on your special day. Imagine how Granny would feel missing out on the first dance because she had to take little Mason to bed or Auntie Sophie missing cutting the cake because Oscar needed the toilet. We are here to help, our nannies like to arrive in smart clothes and be there to support you with your Childs needs so if your child naps the nanny could take the child off giving you the freedom to join in with the pictures or listen to the speeches that you hope they've been practising for the months to come.

Before the wedding day we would arrange for you to speak with the nanny so they can introduce themselves and you could go though any routines, likes and dislikes, dietary requirements and to discuss how you would like the day to go.

The nanny is there for you to make use of, but, if you feel at some points you would like some family time and the nanny is not required, at that point the nanny could take a break or have some lunch.

How it works??

Please get in touch with us at and we will forward you our wedding and events booking forms.

Hotel babysitting

Whilst your child is tucked up in their hotel bed all safe and sound you are able to enjoy the rest of the wedding or a evening out. We are here to provide a babysitting service within your hotel room so you don't feel like you have to leave the party early.

Event Nanny

You need to attend an event but you can't because of childcare, we are here to support you so that you can.

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