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Employing a Nanny

Berkshire Nannies do all the legwork so you don’t have to. We interview the nannies personally and obtain copies of all relevant documentation including First Aid certificate, DBS certificate and Childcare Qualification Certificates. We also take up two references for each nanny. All of these documents are available for you to view if you wish.

Every family is different, and choosing the right childcare to suit your particular circumstances can be a key part to your families happiness. We pride ourselves on finding out all about your childcare needs, and matching your family to the very best, full and part time, temporary or permanent nannies.

How we work?

Firstly, we send you a Parent Registration Form which is your opportunity to give us more information on the position you are looking to fill. This gives us more of a idea when it comes to advertising for the role. We have many trusted nannies who are registered with us who are looking for work but we also advertise on our website and our social media accounts so it may be that nannies who aren't registered with us yet may apply which just means we need to do our checks first before putting them forward.

Once we have completed all of our checks, we will then send over the nannies CV or profile. It is then up to you whether you would like to interview the nanny- if you do, we would then arrange an interview for you. We can also provide clear advice on interviewing, working conditions, salary and contracts of employment. You may find that you have two candidates that stood out during their interview and would like to second interview them both, we would then also arrange a second interview date before supporting you in your final decision.

Happy Children



A daily nanny is a childcare professional who will come to your home to take care of your children, usually while you are not at home (sole charge), although some parents will work from home. A daily nanny will normally work weekdays for up to 10 hours a day. Any additional babysitting can be arranged at an additional cost.


A live-in nanny will usually work weekdays but for slightly longer hours (11-12) than those of a daily nanny. A live-in nanny contract may include one or two nights of babysitting a week and if additional babysitting or weekend work is required, this can be agreed for an additional fee or days off in lieu. Families provide live-in nannies with their own bedroom, use of either a private bathroom or one shared with the children, and food.


Unlike a normal nanny job, Nanny Housekeepers can be hired to do both childcare and household duties.

Nanny Housekeeper positions work best if you have older children at school, as the nanny can combine looking after the children with shopping, cooking and light housework. The job can be either live-in or live-out, depending upon your requirements and whether you can offer accommodation.


Mother's Help nannies normally work alongside the mother, caring for the children. A Mother's Help is not a cleaner, and so is not expected to do household duties, but she will do "nursery duties" i.e. doing the children's washing and ironing, keeping their rooms tidy, clearing away the toys, cooking for the children and clearing up in the kitchen afterwards.

A Mother's Help may also do light duties such as the family shopping, or loading and unloading the family washing.

All duties should be discussed and agreed in advance with the Mothers' Help you hire. Salaries vary depending upon the job description.


After School childcare is where families need help getting children off to school and getting them picked up at the end of the day, with the childcarer providing help with homework, as well as doing the tea and bedtime until the parents get back from work.


In a nanny share arrangement, the nanny is employed by two families and provides childcare to both. This may involve the nanny looking after children from both families at the same time. This type of nanny share can be a good way of keeping childcare costs down. Although a nanny is paid more for a nanny share, the costs to the families are still lower as the nanny’s salary is shared between the two families.

Another type of nanny share is when the nanny looks after the children from one family for certain weekdays and the other family’s children on the remaining weekdays. This option can be useful if you only require childcare for part of the week. A third option would be if families shared a nanny who had sole care of each set of children for part of the week and overlap childcare on other days of the week.


You may need a nanny for a short period of time because your nanny is unavailable, or you are waiting for a nursery place to become available. Whatever the reason, we can help you find the right nanny for your needs. Our temporary positions run for up to six months and nannies are paid by the hour.

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