Welcome to Berkshire Nannies!

Berkshire Nannies was founded by Christie Giles at the end of 2017. Where she decided she wanted to help families out by supporting them gain a well experienced and trust worthy individual to support families in the different ways they need help.

Berkshire Nannies offer both nannies and babysitting.

She will support all your needs and will give you the best experience.

Christie has a Level 3 qualification and has been working in childcare for over 10 years and has gained a range of experience throughout this in a range of settings such as; working in a nursery as a room senior, completing a summer season with children, and is now a private nanny. Christie has recently started her own family and knows the importance of leaving them with someone  you trust.

Working hours are - Monday - Friday =9am-5pm

                                  - Saturday - 10am-3pm

                                  - Sunday - Closed

But, will monitor all websites for emergency purposes.

If you have any inquiries please get in touch through the following; 

Email - berkshirenannies@outlook.com

Facebook - Berkshire Nannies Nanny Agency

Instagram - Berkshire Nannies

Christie - 07703359044


Christie 07703359044

Berkshire, UK

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