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Ask the Nanny: Advice for Parents

Meeting A Nanny for the first time? Wondering what questions to ask? We can help you, we would start by getting to know them, their interests, hobbies and what they enjoy doing in there spare time. It is probably best you introduce your children to them in a second interview so that they are not seeing so many new faces, this may become unsettling for them or distracting for you and the nanny. Then tell the nanny a bit about you and your family, making them feel comfortable and at ease before starting your list of questions. These could include:

-Why did you choose Childcare?

- Why are you looking for a new position?

-What is your view on discipline?

-What do you enjoy most about childcare?

-What do you think are the qualities needed to be a good nanny?

-How would you plan a typical day?

-Have you had experience of potty training and how do you go about potty training children?

-What kind of food would you cook for the children?

-How do you introduce good manners to the children?

-What would you do if my child was choking?

- How is your time keeping?

Then I would go though the nanny position, making sure you include all of the following:

-Start Date

-Hours of work

-Duties and Responsibilities




-House Rules

-Use of car


- Any medical issues

-Meals - will the nanny prepare them and what food you would like your child to be offer.

Then ask the nanny if she has any questions before thanking them for there time and that your be in touch.

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