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Covid-19 helping to stay safe!

Here at Berkshire Nannies are priority is to inform and safeguard all of our staff, candidates and clients in this time of global anxiety regarding corona-virus.

Here are our recommendations and guidelines to you all, to ensure that the best possible practices of hygiene are maintained to help keep you as safe and well as possible:

  • All first initial interviews are taking place over skpye/video or face time at a agreed time and date..

  • Second and third interviews are being taken place in a open place for example the clients garden, to maintain social distancing, if you the candidate or the client do have any symptoms of covid-19 you must not attend an interview and self isolate for 14 days.

  • If you do have to take public transport, hand washing before arrival is essential.

  • Refrain from all handshaking and try to keep a good distance from everyone in that household.

  • Keep hand-washing as much as possible and encourage the children to follow your example.

Take care of yourself.

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