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Reading with your child

Reading with your child is important and helps your child in three key ways these are:

  • Developing your child's communication and literacy skills.

  • Building stronger relationships with you and your child.

  • Developing all areas of their academic development.

When reading with your child try to have a set time that you read with them everyday, find a quiet area, turn off any distractions for example TV and mobile, let your child choose the book as they will be more engaged giving them more confidence and independence as it shows that you care about what they think.

When reading sit close together, this helps them to be more engaged , help and encourage them to hold and turn the pages of the book. Point to pictures or images on the pages and ask your child questions about what they can see for example, where is the cat on the page? or how many cars can you see?. Try to relate what is happening in the story to situations you have been in. Talking about this helps the children to understand what is happening and a great way to discuss different issues.

The most important thing is that you and your child enjoy the time together, so make funny noises, do silly faces and have fun!!!!

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