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The importance of staying positive!!

At this moment in time all people over the world are feeling anxious and are both suffering physically and mentally. So now is the time to start taking little positive steps, nothing to demanding but setting some achievable goals.

It may seem obvious, but one of the main things you can do is to keep a positive mindset that this situation will improve and gradually end. Simple things like focusing on different topics instead of the Coronavirus or the amount of times you check the daily news feed.

A great way for families to improve overall mental health is by showing 'gratitude'. It can be little things such as just saying "I am grateful having a nice warm bed" or "I am grateful for all the paints i have to paint with". You could tell each-other these over lunch or dinner, or to write them down and look over them when you are feeling a little low.

Another way to stay positive is to create a working time table that works for everybody in the house, setting times for breaks, play and school work.

Reconnect with yourself and your family, have time to read, play games, Skype or even send a letter. Games that you always would like to play with one other but don't have the time too, such as monopoly, cluedo, scrabble, card games, the list is really endless.

Stay safe, well and look after one and another.

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